Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Music is a powerful catalyst for provoking uplifting or deeply rooted emotions. A song can bring back a thousand memories or become the foundation for creating new ones. It's for these reasons I have developed a strong passion for music of any kind. One of my favorite activities is to enjoy shows and concerts live. Seeing the artists passion behind the music he is playing or singing tells a story all its own. Being surrounded by people who are all enjoying the same song that you are at the same time is a refreshing feeling. It's a breath of fresh air in a life that can be at times overwhelming and stressful. It's these moments that help take the seriousness away from life and allow you to enjoy living in the moment.


I am a huge fan of going camping in the summertime. There is something to be gained from being outdoors and enjoying plentiful nature first-hand. Wisconsin is lucky (and also burdened) to have all four seasons play into our calendar year. When we have nice weather, as a Wisconsinite, we take it for all it's worth. Being able to be outdoors, on a lake or in the woods, and hearing the birds as the sun rises is an experience unlike any other. Camping is an opportunity to get away from a world so heavily based on materialism, and that to me is an opportunity worth taking advantage of.